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     I came from the capital city of French food: Lyon. I loved the Kingdom of Bahrain as I decided to live in this island that is undoubtedly famous with love and tolerance. Due to the friendly and lovely relationships that gather both French and Bahraini communities, and with that Bahrainis’ passion to learn and get to know my culture, I decided for these reasons to build a bridge in which I can share the French culture and

language, that is in addition to my work in the field of hospitality in the Kingdom of Bahrain at the French International Hospitality School (known as Vatel) and the Bahrain Tourism and Exhibitions Authority, not to mention also my deep willingness to offer a unique French experience in my French café. For all of that, I decided to establish (French Food) to procure the most unique and original French products.

     As a French citizen residing in the Kingdom of Bahrain, I am looking for those products that are worthy to be brought to the local markets which are not yet, hence I will not hesitate to keep up searching and looking for them in France personally by direct testing and assessments in order to choose the best among them, as I really care for the best quality products that are made in different ways than the ways followed in major commercial factories that spend dozens of money on advertisement and look for low cost methods, just for mximising their profits without putting genuine efforts in delivering the best food.

     What I certainly care and looking for are those products featured with their long history, originality, uniqueness, legacy, creativity, the quality of their ingredients and the continuity of the use of classical methods in preparation. Surely, they are 100% French made.

     I hope that those products that we shall offer in French Food will provide our clients with satisfaction and appreciation.


Ségolène Crêtaux  

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